I break 30:00 in the Brussels Christmas Trophy 10K: Olympic Training Log December 19-December 25

finish chute of Brussels Christmas Trophy

Finish Chutes of Le Christmas Trophy de Bruxelles

December 19, 1987

AM: Ran 4½ miles moderate pace—heel hurting a bit, especially at start, but not hurting as much as yesterday.

December 20, 1987

AM: Raced Brussels Christmas Trophy 10K. won in time of about 29:15—course very short. Paul beat me by about 5 secs. Heel hurting but not too bad—felt knee after too. 8 miles counting warmup.

Le Christmas Trophy de Bruxelles 10K

I look pretty happy about my 29:15 time in the race, don’t I? (Even though Paul, to my left in the photo, beat me by five seconds.) It’s a good thing I didn’t run 31:59, or I might have hoped the course distance was legit. As it was, I knew this race could be nowhere near 10K, especially considering the difficulty of the course. Along with a huge crowd of runners, I had to wind my way through the labyrinthine streets of Old Brussels, many of which were made of cobblestones.

Anyway, I was pleased to be the ladies’ winner. Note that Paul and I are both wearing the singlets of our local running club, Le Sporting d’Ixelles. You may be able to read the post-race interview from the Brussels newspaper if you magnify the photo below.

old newspaper article about Brussels race

Article from a December 21, 1987 Brussels newspaper

December 21, 1987

AM: Swim 50 lengths 37:08.

PM: Weights—”push-endurance” plus hypers, leg extension, situps, side leg-raises. Worked 75 min—easy at first but pushed hard on final sets. Knee bad today.

December 22, 1987

AM: Did 10-mile run at Von Karman with Paul—he was 62:28, I was 63:40! [Reminder: this course was actually over 10 miles.] Pushed hard all the way. Felt good except noticed heel (hurting slightly throughout run) and knee bad after, but not during run. Very tired after.

PM: Biked about 1hr 20min including 5 loops on road. Knee felt OK, but afterwards I noticed have patella tendinitis as well as the outer tendon problem.

December 23, 1987

AM: Swim 50 lengths 37:48.

PM: Weights—”pull-strength” plus hamstring curls, extensions, abdominal exercises on Universal, lights squats and snatches. Worked hard, 63 min counting extra situps at end. Knee very bad today, heel a bit better.

December 24, 1987

PM: Did moderate pace run in Ostia [a suburb of Rome; see future post for details]. 37 min, 5½ miles. Had to go slow in forest because getting dark. Heel very sore at first, took 10 min to warm up. Felt energetic.

December 25, 1987

AM: Worked out with Paul in forest in Ostia. Jogged to forest (13 min), did loop circuit at moderate pace, then 3 circuits fast—about 11 min. Worked hard, felt great except foot very sore to start, took a long time to warm up. Jogged home. Very tired after and knee bad. About 11 miles.

This week: 39 miles running, 1 bike workout, 2 swim workouts, 2 weight workouts.

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