Roman Holiday: Olympic Training Log December 26-January 1

St. Peter's

St. Peter's Square and Basilica, Rome

More training (and hurting) in Rome

If you skim through this week’s training log, you’ll notice a continuation of comments about my injuries.

This is not going to change as the 1987–1988 Training Log continues. Exactly nine months from today’s date, on September 26, 1987, I would be running the semifinal of the 10,000m at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea. I would not have a single injury-free day during that whole time period. My challenge was how to stay fit enough to be selected for the Olympic Team, and run well enough to make the final in Seoul.

My next post will give more details about the heel bursitis injury that plagued me for eight years after it first developed near the end of 1987.

December 26, 1987

AM: Just walked to track, did a few pushups, situps, side leg-raises, jogged very slowly on soft surface 10 min. Knee OK, heel a little sore but better than yesterday.

December 27, 1987

AM: Walked 10 min, then jogged to forest. Heel sore in warmup (walked a lot yesterday.) Did 29 min fast continuous, then three 2-mile circuits with Paul—times 11:06, 10:58, 11:03. 2 min rest. Jogged home slowly. Very tough workout—13 miles. Knee OK today, even after workout!

December 28, 1987

PM: Ran easy 22 min in forest. Foot very bad today—from yesterday—hurt slightly throughout run. Knee OK! 3 miles. Foot very bad after—hurt even walking. Took a lot of aspirin.

December 29

AM: Walked 10 min, jogged to forest, did total 33 min easy warmup. Next: 3 hard 2-mile circuits, just over 2 min rest. First one 10:49, 2nd 10:38, doing hard surges, 3rd 10:39 steady. Foot hurt in warmup, then OK. Jogged home. 12 miles. Felt good & energetic today. Knee hurting again.

December 30, 1987

Rest day.

December 31

AM: Walked 10 min, jogged to forest. Did 61 min continuous run at moderate pace, hard last 20 min. Then one hard 2-mile loop, time 10:49, legs exhausted. Jogged home. Heel hurt in warmup, then OK. About 13½ miles. Knee bad.

January 1, 1988

AM: Did long walk with 14 min slow running in forest followed by 20 min pushups, situps, hypers, side leg-raises.

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