Brussels-Tourcoing-Toronto-Victoria in one sick week: Olympic Training Log: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Empress Hotel Victoria BC

The week's final destination

This was not a good week to be sick.

On January 31st I raced in a high-calibre cross-country meet near the city of Tourcoing in northern France. But a more significant competition was looming. Two days after Le Cross Auchan Roncq, I had to fly back home to Toronto. Later in the week I flew out to Victoria, B.C. to compete in the Canadian Trials for our World Cross-Country team. The World Championships would take place in Auckland, New Zealand at the end of March. This was a pretty exotic destination—I had never been to either New Zealand or Australia—so I was eager to qualify for the team.

Tune in to the Training Log next Monday to find out the results of the Trials competition in Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park.

January 30, 1988

Rest day—very sick—feel terrible and getting laryngitis.

January 31, 1988

PM: Raced Cross Auchan Roncq in spite of cold—still have laryngitis. However legs felt great. Came 4th, time 15:52, only 10 secs behind winner (Marie-Pierre Duros), next Ingrid Delagrange, Christine Loiseau (15:48). Good effort—pushed hard whole way—course very muddy in spots. Heel hardly hurting after! 7 miles counting warmup, warmdown.

February 1–2, 1988

Nothing. Travelling home [Toronto]. Still sick.

February 3

AM: Ran 37 min on roads near house, moderate pace, foot hurt slightly for a few minutes. After run noticed arch soreness. About 5½ miles.

AM-2: Weights at club. 5 min warmup on Lifecycle. About 55 min weights—“push-strength”—worked hard, felt good. 19 min Level 6 on Lifecycle.

February 4, 1988

AM: Swim 1,800m about 40:03. Quite sick again today—throat very sore.

February 5, 1988

PM: Jogged about 3½ miles in Victoria on race course. Still feeling very tired & jet-lagged. Cold a bit better.

This week: 16 miles running, 1 swim workout, 1 weight workout, 1 Lifecycle.


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One Response to Brussels-Tourcoing-Toronto-Victoria in one sick week: Olympic Training Log: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

  1. Mark Zipf says:

    Intense! A week of illness, competition and jet lag while traveling half way around the world.

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