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This week and next week are all about the 2012 London Olympics, so I’ll let my 1988 Olympic Training Log fade out into the irrelevance of long ago. I’ll return to its stories in more detail after the current Olympics have wrapped up.

For my distance running and triathlete readers, some highlights coming up this week are the women’s 10,000m final at 21:25 on Friday, August 3, the men’s 10,000m final at 21:15 on Saturday August 4, and the women’s marathon at 11:00 on Sunday August 5 (plus heats in many other distance events during those days).

The women’s triathlon takes place on Saturday August 4 at 9:00.

Here are some of the most useful links for following Athletics stories and results online:

1. IAAF page with Athletics Schedule

2. IAAF page with 2012 world rankings

3. For Canadian athletes: Athletics Canada London 2012 website.

This site has a complete schedule that allows you to see which Canadians are competing each day. You can also follow athletes’ Twitter feeds.

4. Twitter Olympic athlete hub: for following your favourite Olympic athletes on social media.

5. For total Track Stats geeks who can never get too many stats, see Ken Nakamura’s Olympic Stats (part of the Track and Field News website):

6. Finally, for online coverage of all Olympic sports, I am copying these helpful links and comments from Ron Bowker’s suggestions on Facebook  (thanks Ron!):

FirstRowSports,,, sportlemon, livestream sports, oleole tv,,, and the sites where you can get any tv in the world –,, FreeTVAll, CoverItLive. Keep an eye out for any of the CTV/TSN family, or the NBC/Universal family. Track commentary is often best on BBC or Eurosport, but Dave Moorcroft is handling distance events for CTV, so that should be good.

Comments about this week’s Training Log

The Olympics were almost two months later in 1988 than they are this summer in London. That meant that in 1988, the Canadian Track & Field Championships (heavily influential in selecting the Olympic team) were held August 5–7 in Ottawa. The pressure on me wasn’t great; I had been “preselected” (barely) to the team based on my 16th place finish the summer before at the World Championships in Rome. I had also run under the Olympic “A” standard of 32:45 twice in 1987. All I had to do at Nationals was “prove fitness”.

I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant; I recall I was still very nervous before the race and unsure about whether I was going to be on the team or not. My training log also continues to include constant comments about stomach upset. I can’t believe, now, how long I put up with the symptoms before seeking medical help.

July 30, 1988

AM: Did 5 x 1 mile workout with Dave and Paul. Ran very early but already humid and hot. 6 laps warmup, times 5:13, 5:13, 5:13, 5:13, 5:15. Did a 72 sec 400m on Paul’s last lap of his 6th one. Easy jog warmdown. 7 miles. Foot felt fine during workout, quite sore after.

PM: Did weight workout—legs plus situps, one arm exercise. Felt good—not too tired after morning workout! 68 min.

July 31, 1988

AM: Did time trial cycling workout. Easy 27-min warmup. 2 x 17 km route with 5 min rest between. Times 30:15, 30:11. North wind slowed me down a bit, otherwise beautiful morning. Heel much better after anti-inflammatories.

PM: Swim at Fitness Institute. 1800m 38:05. Feeling sick to stomach again.

August 1, 1988

AM: Ran at Belt Line with Paul. 30 min moderately good pace, but legs tired. 4 x mile+ interval—times 5:51, 6:16, 5:56, 6:23. Heel not bad, but still feeling sick. About 8½ miles.

PM: Rode bike to gym. Weights “push-endurance” plus hyperextensions, hamstring curls, leg lift on incline, rowing. 62 min.

August 2, 1988

AM: Swim at Fitness Institute. 675m warmup. 5 sets 100m, 50m. Then 1 x 400m, 8:11. 4 more sets 100m, 50m. Times on 100s 1:56–1:57. 50s 55–57. Tough workout. Stomach very bad today.

August 3, 1988

AM: Ran at Belt Line with Paul and Joseph. Moderately good pace, 29 min, followed by 6 x 80m sprints on path. About 5 miles. Heel took a long time to warm up and sore after—also have pain in left arch. Feeling much better today.

August 4, 1988

AM: Swim 1800m at Douglas Snow—about 37:10.

August 5, 1988

PM: 10,000m at Nationals. 3rd Canadian, 4th overall. Time 33:10.28. Rouillard 32:52, Lee 32:55. Found pace hard—lost contact at about 6K—felt bad after, stomach still upset. However, injuries not bad at all. 7 miles counting warmup.

This week: 27½ miles running, 1 bike time trial workout, 2 weight workouts, 3 swim workouts.

Afterward—Nationals 1988

After placing as the third Canadian in the 10,000m at Nationals, I was assured I had a spot on the Olympic team. Carole Rouillard and Sue Lee had run the “A” standard in previous races that year, so all three of us would be on the team, as we had been at the Commonwealth Games in 1986. Moreover, all of us were faster now. Carole Rouillard had run her PB in the 3,000m only three days before the 10,000m in Ottawa—her time of 8:57.69 was to be her lifetime PB. Sue Lee was already the Canadian 10,000m record-holder at 32:04, a time she ran in the Bislett Games in Oslo (I’m unsure of the year, but I think it was 1988.)

My Nationals result of 33:10 was mediocre, but I had almost two months to get fitter and faster. However, I was still battling nausea, bursitis in my left heel, and Achilles tendinitis on the right side; it was hard to be confident about my Olympic preparation.

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