Fitbit or Fitcat: Which is right for you?

Fitbit wristbands are very hot right now. These devices can give geeks and stats freaks lots of numbers to play with, as they monitor their wearer’s activities and sleep 24/7.

For those of you who are worried that Fitbit might be too technical, I offer an alternative: Fitcat.

a tabby cat

Fitcat, also known as Mischief.

Like Fitbit, Fitcat can partner with you as you sleep. Fitcat offers advantages:

  • It’s warm and furry
  • If placed close to your warm body (especially your face) it will emit a low rumbling vibration that is particularly conducive to good sleep

I have to admit that Fitcat’s abilities and advantages as a sleep monitoring device do not compare favourably with Fitbit in other ways. Fitcat does not so much monitor your sleep as affect your sleep. Here are some contrasting features of Fitcat and Fitbit in terms of their ability to track/affect your sleep:

  • Fitbit gives you information about your hours slept, the quality of your sleep, and the number of times you awake during the night. Fitcat regularly reduces the quality and length of your sleep time but increases the number of times you wake up during the night.
  • Fitbit wakes you up in the morning, at a time of your choosing, with a silent vibrating alarm. Fitcat might wake you up frequently throughout the night, and often decides that the optimal time for the final wake-up call is 4:30 a.m. Fitcat does not use a silent alarm to awake you, but rather offers a choice of entertaining wake-up options, including

1)      Barfing on the bed (not recommended)

2)      Lying on your full bladder

3)      Scratching and digging overenthusiastically in its litter box

4)      Fighting with Fitcat2

5)      Whining to inform you that it is bored

black-and-white cat

Fitcat2. Her nickname is “The Devil Cat” but her real name is Tux.

Once you are up (bright and early, at 4:30 a.m.), you will want to know about how Fitbit and Fitcat compare as activity-monitoring devices. First, they are similar because they are both good motivators that promote your goal to be active.

  • Fitbit encourages you by giving you lots of wonderful statistics. Each day, it tells you your number of steps taken, stairs climbed, miles/kilometers covered, and calories burned.
  • Fitcat encourages you by demanding that you be constantly active to satisfy its needs. Its preference is for you to be entertaining it, refueling it, and maintaining it during every one of its waking hours.

To be thorough, I will compare the water resistance of Fitbit and Fitcat.

  • Fitbit is sweat, rain, and splash proof. You can wear it in the shower.
  • Fitcat hates water to get on its outer coating, but water will not damage it permanently. In fact, water (in the form of a spray bottle) is a good disciplinary agent for a Fitcat that is overactive in its sleep disturbing functions. It is not recommended that you wear Fitcat in the shower.

For more information about Fitbit devices, please visit the Fitbit website.

If you wish to try out Fitcat and Fitcat2, please contact me personally about subletting my apartment, complete with two Fitcats and stunning views of Burrard Inlet.

black-and-white cat sleeping

Fitcat2 prefers to sleep during the day.


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