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Why I blog Last week I bumped into a fellow Phoenix Running Club member in the Port Moody rec centre gym. He greeted me enthusiastically with a loud “Who knew?” Explaining, he added, “…that books have always been your greatest … Continue reading

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Eleanor Wachtel explores identity, relationships, and writing with Jackie Kay

Yesterday evening I had a near-mystical experience of closeness—the kind of closeness you can have when you are alone, yet deeply connected in some way to others. I was listening to Eleanor Wachtel’s “Writers & Company” on CBC’s radio one. … Continue reading

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Chameleon Eyes

Your chameleon eyes draw me in I’m drowning I want to drown I want to be immersed in you A glance is an eternity But your eyelids drop instantly Chameleon eyes hiding from me. . My own eyelids too quickly … Continue reading

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Exposure: secrets and stories

A few days ago someone asked me to remove one of my posts from this blog because he thought what I wrote would be damaging to his professional reputation. I had been careful in writing this post to respect his privacy … Continue reading

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Preserving memories and artifacts in a digital age: What do we hold on to?

Death, moving, divorce, and other life changes can force you to make decisions about what you want to remember, and what you want to keep. And in a digital age, how will you save and access the memories and artifacts … Continue reading

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The house at 936 Thermal: a story about the disintegration of a home and a marriage

This blog post is the first part in a series of personal, interconnected stories that are about loss and new beginnings. It’s not about running, other than the fact that tearing my ACL and losing my ability to run was … Continue reading

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Jogging with my mother at the Boardwalk

My mother had a heart attack when she was fifty-three, the same age I am now. That was the day she quit smoking, cold-turkey. (It’s pretty hard to smoke in intensive care, even if you wanted to.) My mother had … Continue reading

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Why are running friends my closest friends?

Why are my running friends the ones I get close to most easily? Why do I feel they know the “real me” better than my other friends? Why am I so at ease with them? Why are my running friendships … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to George Gluppe: a memorial celebration

George Gluppe’s Memorial Celebration On Monday, May 28th, a group of almost 100 of George’s friends gathered at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby (near Vancouver) to share memories and stories about a man who was loved and admired by many. … Continue reading

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Olympic Training Log Feb. 27-March 4 + Story of Nancy and Paul 1983-2012

I won’t be writing much in this blog for the next week or two. I’m moving out of my home of 22 years on March 1st; it’s a very busy time. I’m saying goodbye to my husband Paul after 25 … Continue reading

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