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Jogging with my mother at the Boardwalk

My mother had a heart attack when she was fifty-three, the same age I am now. That was the day she quit smoking, cold-turkey. (It’s pretty hard to smoke in intensive care, even if you wanted to.) My mother had … Continue reading

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Runners’ Obsessions and Monty Python’s Black Knight

I’ve noticed for a long time that runners can be obsessive types. They do some strange things, like— Recording “mileage” in journals Keeping up running “streaks” (periods of not missing a day of running) even if they have to hobble … Continue reading

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Who wins the race? Shining a spotlight on the dark side of the winner’s personality

Every coach knows that a successful athlete must possess a combination of the right parents (genetics), a willingness to work hard, and the intelligence to follow expert instructions yet be able to make decisions independently. In addition, although every experienced coach has seen … Continue reading

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