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Riding, writing, and the ‘rithmetic of making big bucks: why I’ll never get rich

  I’ve been thinking about financial matters more than usual in the past few months, ever since my landlords boosted my rent exorbitantly. I love my Port Moody apartment—both the view and the lifestyle it gives me—and I made the … Continue reading

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Summer Nostalgia Part II: too late?

Summer nostalgia in a time of falling leaves In August, Vancouver’s hot sunny days finally came, but I never got around to writing my Summer Nostalgia Part II post. What happened? Well—editing work inconveniently interfered with my play time. I … Continue reading

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Why I blog Last week I bumped into a fellow Phoenix Running Club member in the Port Moody rec centre gym. He greeted me enthusiastically with a loud “Who knew?” Explaining, he added, “…that books have always been your greatest … Continue reading

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Exposure: secrets and stories

A few days ago someone asked me to remove one of my posts from this blog because he thought what I wrote would be damaging to his professional reputation. I had been careful in writing this post to respect his privacy … Continue reading

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Why are running friends my closest friends?

Why are my running friends the ones I get close to most easily? Why do I feel they know the “real me” better than my other friends? Why am I so at ease with them? Why are my running friendships … Continue reading

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My Olympic Training Blog: Reflections

What did I learn about blogging and memoir writing? What were my rewards? What was difficult? What’s next? Making a commitment to record my training log for over ten months, and to write an associated story or article at least once … Continue reading

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A marathon of blogging: Olympic Training Log reflections

Photo: The Toronto Star, October 3, 1983 Marathons are not my forte. This is not the day to tell the story of my one completed marathon, or the story of the biggest disappointment of my running career—getting injured right before the 1984 Olympic Marathon … Continue reading

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