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December darkness and a bright New Year 2017

December is over and all the hopes and plans for new beginnings are upon us. For me, December is a time for reflection, and I’ll share some of my thoughts before moving on to January—a time for action! What is … Continue reading

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Sport watches part II: Is there really a coach inside the watch?

I finally broke down and bought my first GPS watch, a Garmin Forerunner 10, after 38 years of running successfully (for much of that time at an elite level) with nothing more sophisticated than a Timex chronograph watch. Recently I’ve … Continue reading

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I’ll always be a summer girl: Olympic Training Log May 14-May 20

May 14, 2012 I don’t care what the date says: it’s summer today. The proof is the early light, the strength of the sun, and the state of my post-run trail shoes! Summer is my favourite season and running is … Continue reading

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Running but paying a heavy price

Part I–Running Yesterday I did a workout with my running club for the first time in over eight months. They were doing a 5K handicapped “Chase Run”, where everyone estimates their 5K time and the slowest runners start first. The … Continue reading

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The old racehorse dreams of being a colt again

Peaceful Sunday mornings, very early, are a special time to get outside for a bike ride or a run. There are no sounds of cars, only birdsong. This morning I knew Mundy Park would smell especially good because of all the … Continue reading

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