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Personality types of elite (or fanatical) runners: Do you recognize yourself?

From my years of competing at a national and international level, I’ve concluded that elite runners usually possess one of a few distinct personality types. In addition, they have different motivations for training hard and making it to the top … Continue reading

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Jogging with my mother at the Boardwalk

My mother had a heart attack when she was fifty-three, the same age I am now. That was the day she quit smoking, cold-turkey. (It’s pretty hard to smoke in intensive care, even if you wanted to.) My mother had … Continue reading

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Runners’ obsessions part three (cont.): an Olympic-sized disappointment

My last post was called “Happy Endings”. Today, as I continue the story of my preparation for the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trials (started in a previous post in my “Runners’ obsessions” series), maybe I should warn you that this story has a very sad … Continue reading

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Runners’ Obsessions Survey Results

Do you have a more addictive personality than the runners who completed my survey? Before I get in trouble for my interpretation of my survey results, I’d better make some disclaimer-type statements. This was not a scientific survey. It was … Continue reading

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Runners’ Obsessions Part Two: Dr. Greg Wells and Project Ex

Dr. Wells’s story: a superb example of a Type A personality pushing to the limits A few days ago I came across a blog post by Dr. Greg Wells, who has launched what he calls “Project Ex” in his attempt … Continue reading

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Runners’ Obsessions and Monty Python’s Black Knight

I’ve noticed for a long time that runners can be obsessive types. They do some strange things, like— Recording “mileage” in journals Keeping up running “streaks” (periods of not missing a day of running) even if they have to hobble … Continue reading

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