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I used to be known as a competitive runner, but now I have a new life as a professional writer and editor. I'm even more obsessive about reading, writing, and editing than I was about running. Running has had a huge influence on my life, though, and runner's high does fuel creativity. Maybe that's why this blog evolved into being 95% about running, but through blogging I'm also learning about writing and online communication. I'm fascinated by how the Internet has changed work, learning, and relationships. I love to connect in new and random ways!

A perfect Easter morning ride

Preamble (you should probably skip this) Several times last weekend (Easter weekend) I found myself feeling quietly depressed and oddly unmotivated to work or write. Holidays can provoke the swirling up of suppressed emotions in many of us. I was … Continue reading

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The “senior” athlete: finding a new equilibrium

In my last post, I wrote about my “accelerating physical decline,” and how difficult it is to come to terms with that. Also, I raised the question of how my public identity has been tied for so long to my … Continue reading

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My worst Sasamat Lake bike ride ever

For a month or so I was hardly on my bike at all because almost every day was cold and rainy. January has been better. A couple of weeks ago I finally got back to one of my most regular … Continue reading

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Spirit of a Rose

I am close to letting go of this year’s roses. I have three rosebushes. One is deep red, and arrived with a description highlighting its “incredible fragrance.” My second rose variety is called “Grande Dame,” and it produces giant, dark … Continue reading

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Ayad Akhtar in Conversation With Eleanor Wachtel about Homeland Elegies

I recently listened to a special presentation of this year’s Vancouver Writers Fest: a 90-minute conversation between Ayad Akhtar, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and playwright, and Eleanor Wachtel, the host of CBC’s Writers & Company. They talked about his recently-published book, … Continue reading

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Third Beach in the summer of Covid-19

Being at Third Beach in Stanley Park this year seemed like an escape to a fantasy world. I always try to make the trip to Stanley Park to swim at least once every summer. I’ve never left it to September, … Continue reading

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Two 1,000-page novels at once: Kristin Lavransdatter and Ducks, Newburyport

Reading during a COVID-19 summer This summer has been memorable in several ways, not only because it is the first (and perhaps not the last) summer of living with COVID-19. For one, this is the first time I’ve ever read … Continue reading

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The aging athlete: protests and silver linings

I have found that being an athlete over sixty means feeling a mixture of conflicting emotions: gratitude, exhilaration, disgust, sadness, sometimes even despair. I wasn’t sure whether to write this post because in public we are always supposed to be … Continue reading

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Summer at Sasamat Lake in the time of coronavirus

The short story: Important tips if you are planning a trip to Sasamat Lake You may not be able to get in to the parking area unless you go well before noon, especially on nice days. Parking is not allowed … Continue reading

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Three unexpected gifts

For nine years now, I have been keeping a journal I call “Three Good Things.” I write in it every night before going to bed, sometimes for less than a minute and sometimes for much longer. The only requirement is … Continue reading

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