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Spiritual peace: December 2015

Why am I posting this article now? There was a week in early December when I experienced a rare inner peace. I was bursting to write about it, but the season’s general busyness prevented it. There was no big change in … Continue reading

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Remembering George Gluppe: Thoughts on lifelong friendship

At this time of year I always think about my lifelong friend and coach, George Gluppe, who passed away on April 21, 2012. This year I am feeling the loss of him from my life more keenly than ever before: … Continue reading

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Walking into the day

For most of my life, I’ve started every day with a run or a walk. Early is best: right out the door, a sudden immersion into a new day. From kindergarten to grade 13, every weekday of my life started with … Continue reading

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Preserving memories and artifacts in a digital age: What do we hold on to?

Death, moving, divorce, and other life changes can force you to make decisions about what you want to remember, and what you want to keep. And in a digital age, how will you save and access the memories and artifacts … Continue reading

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The house at 936 Thermal: a story about the disintegration of a home and a marriage

This blog post is the first part in a series of personal, interconnected stories that are about loss and new beginnings. It’s not about running, other than the fact that tearing my ACL and losing my ability to run was … Continue reading

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The tweet hereafter: your social media “twin” can carry on after you kick the bucket

Sarah Hampson’s April 13 column in The Globe and Mail, brilliantly titled “The tweet hereafter”, gave me the creeps. Those social media innovators never stop thinking about how we can expand our online presence (and their wallets). Hampson reports that … Continue reading

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Musing about my last Pilates class with Marina on Remembrance Day

Just over a year ago, I wrote in this blog about Marina’s Pilates class at the Ultimate Fitness gym in Port Moody. Pilates has improved my core and back strength, balance, and flexibility. Just as importantly, my four years of … Continue reading

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My Olympic Training Blog: Reflections

What did I learn about blogging and memoir writing? What were my rewards? What was difficult? What’s next? Making a commitment to record my training log for over ten months, and to write an associated story or article at least once … Continue reading

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The friends who got me to the 1988 Olympics + Olympic Training Log Aug 27-Sept 2

As I’ve copied my Training Log here over the past few weeks, I’ve realized again how incomplete memory can be. I had forgotten just how much a few people helped me get ready for the Olympics during that crucial summer … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to George Gluppe: a memorial celebration

George Gluppe’s Memorial Celebration On Monday, May 28th, a group of almost 100 of George’s friends gathered at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby (near Vancouver) to share memories and stories about a man who was loved and admired by many. … Continue reading

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