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Cooling off during a long hot summer

Swimming bliss I never thought I would come to truly love swimming. Running is my thing. Running is what I’m good at (or used to be); it’s what my body is designed for. Low-fat skinny bodies get hypothermic in water … Continue reading

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Swimming for fun or for training at Sasamat Lake + Olympic Training Log: July 9-July 15

* For basic info about Sasamat Lake, please read my “quick tips” post here. Summer swimming training 1988 and 2012 Summer finally arrived in Vancouver this week and all feels right with my world again. I’ve seldom in my life had to … Continue reading

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Cross-Training then and now: Olympic Training Log May 21-May 27

If you’re following my 1988 training log, you’ll see that this was another week of NO running. My situation now, in 2012, is similar in that I can do very little running because of advanced arthritis in one knee. Though … Continue reading

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Olympic Training Log May 7-May 13: Cross-Training SUCKS!

The Injured Runner: It Sucks to Be You! Yeah, we all know injured runners are unhappy, hyper, worried they’ll gain weight, worried they’ll have to miss (or screw up) their next race, and driven to run no matter how much … Continue reading

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Olympic Training Log: Why so little running?

Cross-training: why it works for me Those of you following my Olympic Training Log may have noticed that in the five days following the 15K race in Monte Carlo, I ran a total of three miles. Why? Because I was … Continue reading

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Running but paying a heavy price

Part I–Running Yesterday I did a workout with my running club for the first time in over eight months. They were doing a 5K handicapped “Chase Run”, where everyone estimates their 5K time and the slowest runners start first. The … Continue reading

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