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Book review of My Struggle 2: A Man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard

I’ve just finished reading A Man in Love, book 2 of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s 3,600-page, 6-volume autobiographic “novel,” My Struggle. This work was a sensation in Norway, where one in nine citizens has bought a copy. My Struggle has been … Continue reading

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The art of writing short stories: masters of the form at the 2015 Vancouver Writers Fest

Note: This article was first published a year ago on the West Coast Editor blog. My thanks to Meagan Kus for copy editing. For many years, I’ve been an eager attendee at the Vancouver Writers Fest on Granville Island. (2016 … Continue reading

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Spiritual peace: December 2015

Why am I posting this article now? There was a week in early December when I experienced a rare inner peace. I was bursting to write about it, but the season’s general busyness prevented it. There was no big change in … Continue reading

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Little pieces: why write vignettes?

What is a vignette? The Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2nd. ed.) says: vignette 1a a brief descriptive account, anecdote, essay, or character sketch. At times I’ve questioned whether or not I should publish a piece of writing on my blog. I’ve … Continue reading

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Anaïs Nin describes her LSD trip, natural highs, and the transformative role of the artist

Reading The Diary of Anaïs Nin Volume Five 1947–1955 Recently I finished rereading the fifth volume of The Diary of Anaïs Nin.  I had picked it  off my bookshelf months ago when I had nothing new to read; perhaps I … Continue reading

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WordNerd strikes again: on beer, diamonds, and beauty

It makes sense to see the words “diamond” and “beauty” together, but what do they have to do with beer? This post title reflects the way my mind has been working lately. It’s rambling all over the place. Several blog articles … Continue reading

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How do fiction writers enchant readers?

Enchantment happens when you don’t sacrifice your own voice to the god of marketability. All writers crave an audience, but it’s by writing from your own passion, and expressing yourself skillfully using your voice that you will produce valuable writing: writing … Continue reading

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Enchantment with books Part I: Tim Winton’s Eyrie

From late September until early November, I read several good books, attended Vancouver Writers Fest events, and listened to radio interviews of writers (mainly CBC’s wonderful Writers & Company with Eleanor Wachtel). Every one of these books or interviews overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Why I blog: voices from the past

Why I blog Last week I bumped into a fellow Phoenix Running Club member in the Port Moody rec centre gym. He greeted me enthusiastically with a loud “Who knew?” Explaining, he added, “…that books have always been your greatest … Continue reading

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Bodily integrity, spiritual integrity

I’ve been thinking of what I wrote in a recent post about “my body’s integrity.” I defined this as “the basic confidence that everything is working, that all the parts and systems are functioning together as they should.” I also went … Continue reading

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